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Control Panels

Depending on the options you choose, GrowSmart remote management products allow you to manage your irrigation systems from just about anywhere you have access to a computer, phone or radio.

  • EZ Plan feature gives fast access to commonly used scheduling options
  • Water delivery can be tailored to specific crop requirements
  • Application rates can be adjusted to match soil waterholding capacity, reducing the chance of over-application
  • Four accessory options allow more chemigation, fertigation and end gun controls
  • Scheduling option allows for easy customization of irrigation programs for multiple crops, part circles, variable soil conditions or uneven terrain
  • Self-diagnostic function uncovers problems and minimizes downtime
  • Depending on use, the FieldBOSS panel can help you conserve energy, minimize leaching and reduce chemical and labor input

FieldBOSS Options

Magnetic watermeter for enhanced capabilities and increased regulatory compliance
Rainfall collector allows shutdown due to operator-selected rainfall threshold
Wind speed/direction sensor allows wind speed shutdowns to eliminate wasteful drift
Pressure transducer allows automatic pressure shutdowns and warnings
Accessory interface enables the integration of accessories such as fertilizer injection pumps or agitators