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Corner Systems

MAXfield Custom Corner

With its unique ability to create a custom irrigation program based on your field’s characteristics, the MAXfield Custom corner system delivers application rates with the same uniformity you get from your center pivot.

SmartChip Technology
After completing an initial “mapping rotation,” the MAXfield Custom “remembers” every unique aspect of your field, adjusting its application rates accordingly. This results in a far more uniform application pattern than ever before.*

MAP Software
Zimmatic’s new MAP (MAXfield Application Planner) software allows your Zimmatic dealer to design an irrigation system for virtually any field. By inputting your field’s unique characteristics, your dealer creates a computerized model of your land, allowing him to build and test a virtual irrigation system without turning a single wrench.

High-Flow Joint
The MAXfield Custom’s exclusive High-Flow joint transmits water internally, without the need for a leakprone hose. In addition, the new joint’s simplicity results in longer life and reduced water friction loss.

AccuFlow Sprinkler Packages
Utilizing a rapid-cycling concept, the MAXfield Custom’s sprinkler banks turn on and off according to the corner’s swing angle. This proprietary feature improves application uniformity by allowing a customized water program to be selected for the user’s field, based on its location and other characteristics.

Bring More Acres Under Irrigation
The MAXfield Custom’s steerable corner arm has a maximum extended reach of 280 feet (85.3 m). Depending on field shape, this extra reach allows you to bring between 23 and 51 more acres (9-21 ha) under irrigation.


The Zimmatic MAXfield Custom is the most technologically advanced corner system on the market.With its SmartChip Technology, it provides you with more uniform application throughout the field – because unlike competing corner systems – a MAXfield Custom corner system actually “learns” and “remembers” the various unique characteristics of your field.


FieldPLUS Articulated Pivot

Pivoting Joint
The exclusive FieldPLUS joint can be placed at any tower, allowing the creation of a system that is customized for a particular field.

Nylon Bearings
Spans can pivot up to 165º in either direction on nylon bearings that ensure smooth operation and enhanced durability.

Watertight Coupler
Standard 6 5/8-inch (16.8-cm) coupler allows unrestricted flow with a secure, watertight seal.

Automatic Realignment
The pivoting joint assembly automatically realigns the entire system, allowing it to function as a standard pivot.

The tower stops automatically when it reaches the barricade, while the outer spans continue to operate.

Outer Spans
Spans can continue up to 1,000 feet (304.8 m) past the joint, bringing large, previously unreachable areas of land under irrigation.

Works with Existing Systems
The FieldPLUS pivoting joint can be quickly and easily retrofitted to most existing Zimmatic irrigation systems.

Add the power of the GrowSmart GPS Controller for more precise control of water and chemicals. You’ll be able to control irrigation via end-guns or a bank of sprinklers – and add irrigated acres to increase your ROI.