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High Traction Options

The strength and traction you need to keep your irrigation systems running smoothly. Zimmatic offers a comprehensive line of tracking solutions to handle the most difficult terrains so you can deliver water and chemicals to every area of your field, eliminating idle acres and increasing yields.


Z-Trax working in a waterway     For your toughest tracking problems, Z-TRAX tackles any     terrain.  Superior tread eliminates ruts with no tyres to change. Enclosed in a high-ribbed, widebased tread, Z-TRAX distributes weight evenly creating 13 square feet of  surface contact to avoid rutting and pivot shut downs.                            
  • Wider base for better floatation and lower ground pressure
  • Greater traction for improved climbing ability
  • Sealed components for longer product life and low maintenance
  • Quick and easy to install – no additional modifications needed - less than a half hour to complete   
  • Uses existing pivot tyre hub and the same bolts - no tower modifications needed
  • Reduces drivetrain and truss structure wear and tear
  • Can be installed on Zimmatic and other approved brands
  • Three-Wheel Tower Structure

        Add power to increase traction and prevent rutting with Zimmatic’s three-wheel tower structure.
    • Spend less time dealing with stuck machines

      • Increase tyre life

        • Reduce drivetrain wear and tear

          • Irrigate acres currently left idle



      When water and mud are already present in the wheel-track, Z-MAT delivers the traction you need to keep moving. Avoid expensive mid-season track repairs with this inexpensive solution for managing deep and slippery wheel tracks. Simply cut the track mat to fit existing wheel tracks.

    • Quick, simple and inexpensive to use
      • Works with any type of equipment

        • Helps minimize track repairs




        Creating more ground surface area than a standard wheel, Agri-TRAC's concave shape and unique rolling action reduces wheel rut depths so pivots won't get stuck in the mud.  Tyre tread bars mesh with Agri-TRAC tread and will not slip inside the track, even on hills with slippery soil.
    • Durable design protects tyres from rocks and ruts
    • Universal fit to any tyre size
      • An economical choice